This is a list of Android games available for the Android operating system.
Created by 1by1apps.


The app gives you detail exploration on Human organ systems, Using easy-to-understand descriptions and 3D models, we'll explore the Skeletal, Respiratory, Muscular, Circulatory, Digestive and Nervous system.


You are the seed. Control your seed by manoeuvring the wind. Avoid trees and birds if you want to stay alive. Collect wind power to gain more energy. Land on the sowing spot to win the game!


Pass the ball from one holder to another. Pass the ball from one holder to another, while avoiding the obstacles in between.


Go on a space journey in your rocket. Dodge meteors to score points and get awesome power ups on the way.

Tap To Top

TAP to TOP is an endless type of game. Since it is endless game,its best time killing game.

Missing Letters

It’s a simple Missing letter game with new type of Game play. In this game a word with missing letters will be there, all you have to do is some letters will be moving below select the correct letters of the word.

Choki Drop

Easy chocolate catching game. This game is about collecting candies from a jar and it’s a target game. A jar will be having full of candies it will be dropping one by one, by moving the container u have to catch the candies.

Save the yolk

The game is about to collect the eggs to basket. From hen the egg will be falling down and players have to catch the egg, So that you will get your scores. And it is easy to play.

Tap The Bottle

It is a simple and stress relief game, touch the bottles to break them. It is a simple touch game to break the bottles in the least time possible.

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